Monday, February 2, 2009

Dad and Mom, a big thanks

My dad was freaking out when he knew that I tendered my resignation on the 21st Jan. He was fuming mad over the phone; was worried about me of not having another job at the the time I tendered my resignation.

I told him that I might start a tuition centre with my friend, which even got him madder. Finally I told him I'm going to further my study full time by taking up a diploma in childhood. (Part time for this course is not offered and it takes 4 years to finish.) He cooled down by then. My dad says that he going to sponsor for my studies, I was yearning to study this course since last year.

I went back during CNY and bought back the course info, and we had a discussion among my family. He said that he tried to get more info from his church friend who ran a kindergarten. Wow, my dad really takes an interest in my study!

I was struggling for the last week after knowing my dad going to sponsor my studies and I felt bad. Knowing that my I don't want to be a burden to my parents anymore, but I just had no choice. I know that my parents love me and I thanked God for them!

P/s Dad & Mom, a big thanks and I loved you both! I'm going to prove to you both of my success involving in a children's industry which will bring tremendous results!


eugene said...

ya, parents are always parents,just be greatful to them

The Mrs Blogs said...

Girl, you're lucky your family members are very understanding. Salute to you for pursuing your dreams, if we don't do it now, when will we ever. Good luck and all the best to you dear.