Monday, January 26, 2009

Leaving for good; Fulfiling my dream

I might have done something foolish to the working world today despite of the current economic situation, which I tendered my resignation on the 21st Jan and after being working for 14 years. The reason being of not happy and exploited. I've been waiting for months to do so and I believed this is the right time.

People tried staying in their current job, but here I am leaving in 3 months. Am I being stupid here? I know it's going to be hard looking for a job, but I'm optimistic. One of the reason I leave is I loved working with children, this is my dream job. If I don't leave now, then I won't fulfill my dream. Hey, I'm chasing my dream here.

I might go in full time studying or start a english home tuition. Know it's going to be hard... all my toil and sweat going to be worthwhile. The fruit of my labour.

I won't be posting my blogs regularly, so dear friends be patient. I will do so when I will purchased a laptop maybe in 2 weeks time.

p/s Pls wish me luck in all my dream endeavours.
ANYONE looking for a english home tuition in Penang? Please contact me.

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