Monday, February 16, 2009

Is My Boyfriend Coming?

I was so excited when I received the news that my boyfriend was coming over to see me end of Feb 09. I'm sure for those who have been reading my blog My Boyfriend's Coming, you were excited with me too.

But right now, I'm not so sure about it because from the last conversation I had with him since on the 10th Feb, he might not make it. He has to get a double confirmation from his boss, as the company might not be able to release him due to shortage of manpower. It's been a week and I've not hear from him. BTW, he's working and living in US.

And from the sounds of it, he was not too excited of coming over. What can I do? I would like to meet him, after waiting for 7 months, maybe he wants to surprise me for the last minute or maybe it's not meant to be.

P/s Sometimes, the things you hope for doesn't turn out to be.

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The Mrs Blogs said...

Hi Jes, stay strong, if it's meant to be it will happen. I sincerely hope he'll be here soon :) *hugs*