Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A little appreciation and compassion

I was having dinner and catching up with my church friend yesterday. She was telling me that one of our friend contacted dengue last week and was hospitalised for a few days.

Before he was hospitalised, he was on MC for 2 days and much of his chagrin, his boss asked him to return to work. (Is it all company's policy or style that while you are on MC, you are asked and have to return to work? Where's the compassion? Or are you indispensable to the company?!)

And to his surprised or horror (which I'm not sure of how he felt that time); not one of his colleague visited him while he was in hospital.

Sometimes, I wonder are we an assets to our company? They expect us to work our butt out, forgetting to appreciate us and maybe give a little compassion.

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eugene said...

well sometimes we have to look at the genuinity of the case.

We just cant see one side and jump to the conclusion that the company's is no good,but what if your friend is a habitual MCer, right ?

I have learn not to jump the gun ever so quickly now, we might lose out in the end

bb, cool your boy friend is coming