Friday, May 27, 2011

Ouuch!!! Surely it's painball......

I set my alarm early at 7plus. I woke up and quickly have a bite of breakfast and leaving my home at 8am. I was on the way to pick my another colleague scheldued together to play paintball.

I had a vagued idea where her house located. She gave me a small map to follow but I did many rounds to locate her house. (Needless to say, Im still not a local Penangnite even though, Im been living here for the past 10 years, yet In not sure of the road. Blah! :P)

But anyhow, after many calls and asking some locals where her house is exactly located, I managed to find it. Mind you, it takes 20 minutes. And off we go to the place.

We went there and most of us players have gathered at the site. And we are still waiting for all to arrive! Malaysian time!

Before the game begins, we are briefed about its rules and regulations and most important SAFETY.

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We are briefed on the important of wearing protective masks ALL TIME while in the field, how to handle the gun on and off the field.

There were 5 groups, each group con sits of 6 of us. We were then taken to the field to have a tour and to strategies our attack.

Im getting suit up for the game!

We were the first group to go in the field. I was posted at the beginning of the field, covering on my right side. Shooting and attacking the opponents coming from the other side. I was covered by my colleague who's behind me.

My colleague went full force to the front without me knowing it and I keep on defending my right side, not knowing the enemy came and attacked me. I was hit on my right thigh.

It was over merely 5 minutes and all my counterparts are wounded.

Me and my colleague are getting ready to shoot and be shot!

We played another five rounds. There were many shots exchanged and many of us who are first timers are out within minutes. Of course, there are some who are better strategies and better in defense.

I've got hit 3 with large bruises in my body. It was painful eventually but for the thrill of the game, it was worthwhile.

Our group came fourth in placing.

Ps. This game is surely an adrenalin. I'm looking forward to another game of painball. Ouch!!!


Bananazą®‡ said...

If all play by the rules its perfectly 'safe' but at times people tend to be kan cheong and forgot about the rules. You cant shoot somebody at close range and we had experienced that as one of my team member got 'shot' less than 3 feet away which is dangerous. Glad you enjoyed the game wah want some more painball not painful enough? hahaha.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Can remember vividly in our last game Bananaz went all out like real commando lying flat on the floor *good positioning becoz they cant hit me easily* crawling, rolling and what nots regardless of the pool of water. My clothes were all wet and with mud and of course bullet 'holes'. We won its all team work and a lesson in team building. Dont mind going back to shoot for another round.

sexyjessie said...

Bananaz:It can be dangerous when is shooting at a close range, but when comes to play, a player might have forgotten about its safety due to its adrenalin rush and the excitement.

Yeap, I will play again despite of being hit again "painfully". But, I will go for a training before I venture into the real game. :)

imriz said...

wow, sure looks a lot of fun and adventure:)