Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nearly admitted

I was siting at church last Sunday and I felt a chill going through my body. I thought it was a cold chill blast from the air-conditioner.

Later, I went to a nearby mall for lunch and for some shopping and I felt the same chill. Due to the cool air blasted from the air-cond, I think.

I felt warmth came over my body that afternoon, knowing it was fever. Went home and took a warm bath and gulped 2 panadols down.

Thank God, the next day was a public holiday, but my fever still not subsided. Kept on taking panadols.

I woke up thinking my fever had gone down but did not. Took another 2 panadols and decided to go to work. At work, I decided to go and visit the doctor. After waiting for an hour, I seen her.

She took my diagnosis and look at my skin. Hmmm, I was wondering, why is she looking at my skin for?

She said that if my fever is not subsided within the next 2 days, I have to come in for a blood test. She said that I might contracted dengue fever!

After a one day of resting, taking medicines and eating soup noodle, next day, the fever is gone! Praise the Lord!

Ps. If not, I'm admitting myself in the hospital.


suituapui said...

Praise the Lord, glad you're ok now. Take care there.

Birthmark said...

GP always say the same thing. "Suspected dengue."

Tell me something new!

eugene said...

Take care now sis............

Bananazą®‡ said...

You are not catching the delayed last Saturday night fever with bloggers now?..haha take care. Think two days for suspected dengue is too short probably 5-7 days.

reanaclaire said...

Praise the Lord! Take care..

sexyjessie said...


Birthmark:Think it's the season of dengue fever now.

sexyjessie said...

Eugene:I will, my brother. But with the scorching hot weather, please drink lots of water and fried food.

Bananaz:Ha ha..the bloggers nite was so long ago, should have caught the fever then.

sexyjessie said...

Claire:Thanks, indeed the Lord shall be praised!