Friday, June 10, 2011

It Only Takes A Spark

We were warned by our manager to be careful of her. She is our new colleague who is joining the marketing team.

It seems that she will create unnecessary trouble between the staffs. And because of this, she was shacked.

Within the second day she came, she told my colleagues not to surf FB. They were shocked and annoyed for being told by a junior staff who just joined. Can't she keep her blady mouth shut?

Apparently, the whole FB issued has came to known by our management. The management wants to shut down its website the reason being we have misused our freedom. And were surfing too much minus the work we are doing!

I came to know who reported to my principal about us surfing FB and I warned my colleagues not to indulge in it anymore. They took heed.

The one I taught who reported the FB issue was a scapegoat. Later, I came to know who was their real culprit. It was the new colleague who came! We can't do anything to her as she was closed with the boss. Damn shoe polisher, huh!!

It seems that not only the FB issued she reported, in fact she has been telling stories to my boss. My colleagues can't do anything as she closed to my boss. And bosses just like people reporting to them, don't they?

No one liked her as all of us know her attitude and behaviour. Up to the extent, she backstabbing her own colleagues which from the same department. And every opportunity she has, she will tell everything to the principal that happens in her own department.

I feel that she's not giving any respect to her own marketing manager. Hierarchy, whatever she's unhappy or unsatisfactory, she should has bring it up to her manager first.

And everyday, I would hear complaints from my colleagues about her.

FB has being blocked by my management since Friday because of her. And we have to accept the management reasons, so as to speak.

She's bringing disunity in her department. I hope that the marketing team will stay strong to kick her ass out soon!

Ps. Do you encounter this type of behavioural problematic people in your workplace? What did your company do about it? How did it affect the department?


eugene said...

Stay out of this, just do your job and it shall be fine, pray about it ya

sexyjessie said...

Thank God, Im not in the marketing department. I really pitied my colleagues as they have to endured her. :(

Bananazą®‡ said...

Do what you gotta do and do it well. Bananaz is blessed with not much of politicks while working for people.

sexyjessie said...

Bananaz:Hmmmmmm, I envy u. No politics. :)

suituapui said...

Oh dear! B***h!!! Such people can be very dangerous. Beware!

kaneeneah said...

in the 1st place, why are u surfing the web during work hours?