Friday, January 22, 2010

When opportunity comes knocking...

When I told my dad that I was being lay off and asked him for his help, he responded by asking his friends on a job lookout for me. My dad is a medical profession.

Arrangement was made and I called up to arrange for an interview. The interview was held at a prestigious hospital in Penang.

I will be stationed to receive patients' admissions, cash payments and cheques. My job run on shifts and allowances will be given. Triple pay I will receive if my shift falls on a major public holiday.

And it's only 3 minutes drive from my apartment. I was offered the job verbally.

However, my basic salary they are offering will be 35% lower of what I'm getting now. The HR have not make final confirmation on the actual amount yet.

I'm also entitled to 2 pairs of uniforms and subsidised meal, which means I can saved a lot here.

What do you think,

1) Should I take up this job?

2) Or keep on waiting for another?

3) What happens if this will be the only opportunity I have?

Ps.I'm in my mid-30s now, the job market does not really welcome me anymore.


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Jessie, I think you should get the LETTER OF OFFER first and meantime, go for other interviews.
Verbal is never good enough,hun.
All the best.

ps Offer should pretty good!

reanaclaire said...

take it!!! go for it first.. sounds easy and meal provided, 3 min drive..wowo... bet many out here reading this will envy about the shortest drive to work! :)

Sexy Jessie said...

Shakira:I've been offered the job verbally as I mentioned. Will go for a medical checkup first which will be not a problem. The offer letter will come after that. I will negotiate the salary if the offer is lower that what I've expected.

Renaclaire:Sometimes I will walk to work, excercise and save petrol. :)

eugene said...

Go for it first,may be another chance will come on your way

Cas said...

Congrats Jessie!! So happy for you. But I'd recommend you wait for the letter of offer to see everything in black and white. If you have confidence in this job, then just do it :)

Sexy Jessie said...

Eugene and Cas:Wait and see attitude...Pls read my next blog.