Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've Been Bombed!

Wow, what a year to begin with! It's only the 5th and today I heard of something which I would not like to hear. I'm bombed by very shocking news.

There was confirmation of my company selling its share to a new company and they will be axing half of its staff.

Uncertainties thoughts came:-

1) How true is this information? After all, they came from horses' mouths. If it's true, will I be affected?

2) Is my company deliberately extending my confirmation so that I'm volunteering myself to go? After all, they don't have to pay any compensation!

3) What am I to do if I lose my job? Other companies will not think of hiring me as I'm in my mid 30s.

4) How long can I survive financially without a job?

I'm really afraid after hearing this news, especially financially running low. I don't have any concrete plans at this moment.

I thought of giving English private home tuition if worst case scenario. It's gonna be hard as I don't have any experience but I need to start somewhere.

I'm depressed and frustrated. It's like you have a job security and now everything will be gone soon.

Ps. No one can change this situation around except God. I got to seek after Him and ask for solutions and guidance.


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Hi Jessie,
I am so sorry to hear about your predicament.
If you have to give tutorials in English, why not?
I have been a tutor before and I made very good money but it is not very stable too. Meanwhile you can look for a good job but at least teaching tuition will tie you over right?

I shall pray for you and hope that GOD will guide you .

you are in my thoughs,

eugene said...

Take it cool,let the inspiration comes and support you always.

Take care.........

Rocks said...

so sorry to hear about your situation Jessie but plese be encouraged that God will not give us trials that we cannot handle and that He will never leave us. I'm so sure God's plan for you is better!!

"greater things are yet to come"

and Jeremiah 32:17 says "there is nothing too hard for HIm!!


sexy jessie said...

Shakira, Eugene and Rocks: I'm afraid that what this is all LIFE is about.

I believed that God allow this challenge to happen so that my faith and trust in Him will grow.

Guys, do keep me in prayer.

gab's mom said...

sorry to hear about this. will include you in my prayers. God will make a way for you jessie. =)

The Mrs Blogs said...

Jessie, take it easy okay. First off, you need to be 100% sure. Secondly, they can't fire you just like that, they'll probably offer you VSS in any event, should be enough to cover 3-4 months of salary? Meanwhile, just try hunting for a new job to be on the safe side and start placing ads for your English tuition. Hope its just a rumour, shall pray for you.