Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reality Bites

Never knew that it will happen to me and it did. Today, I was being told by my manager to look for another job as my company been sold off.

They will be moving the accounts department to Ipoh and they are restructuring the company. I won't be needed anymore as part of my job have already taken by the purchasing department. I will not be confirmed as my probation period was extended till 22nd Feb 2010.

So, after Chinese New Year, I will be jobless. Last in, first out.

Ps. I can't go on anymore, I'm afraid and really worried of what's going to happen.


reanaclaire said...

There will be another door, Jessie.. dont be so sad and disappointed... i m sure there will be other opportunities.. just pray and hang on, ok?

Rocks said...

May the Lord open new doors for you :)and may He comfort you through these trials.

Brenda Ang said...

Oh noooo.. Yes, I'm sure there'll be other opportunity out there. Good luck to ya.

eugene said...

Yes,reality does bite but then again, for every set back in life,we must learn a lesson from it,hence we will not be forced with the same again.

Now that you knew what was coming,sit now and plan, really plan. your financial status, your expenses, your survival cost and all.

Then, you will be able to gauge how much you need to get on with life, with plan it will be easy for you then,,, take care and love you,,,call me if you want to talk ya

Fely said...

Hello Jessie,
I'm here after reading Eugene's Bols Talk's blog entry about your situation. Don't despair and don't give up hope. The good side to this is that you've been given a lot of warning so you can look for a job almost immediately. I know it's easier said than done but the last thing you want is to drown yourself in negativity because that will anchor you down.
When I married my husband and decided to stay in the UK permanently, I have to start my life from scratch, literally. No friends, no families no job and my degree was useless because it was specifically catered for teaching malaysian secondary students. But I could not lose hope for my sake and I tried and tried and lo and behold, I got to where I wanted to be, jobwise.
Just keep sending those CVs everywhere and hopefully, a new door will be opened for you.
Good luck Jessie!


Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire:Thanks for your word of comfort. I still need to wait upon the Lord. "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength". Isaiah 40:31

Rocks:I went to your blog again and the Holy Spirit is telling me that God is bigger than my problem. I shall be an overcomer!

Brenda:Thanks for your encouragement.

Eugene:Thanks again for being there. Even though, you don't have the answers, I know that I can count on you for a listening ear.

Fely:You never knew until it hit you, right? I need to renew my mind, emotions and health daily by keeping strong and positive. Thank God, I have Jesus in me by keeping me sane.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

My dear Jessie,
Everything happened for a reason right? Remember you were afraid that you will not be confirmed?
Now you need to find a job without being fired.It is a blessing in a way right?

You are in my prayers. GOD KNOWS BEST.

You just hang in there.

Superman said...

Don't worry too much. I am sure you will get another job if you lose this one. I am sure there are other openings in other company. Don't give up. Good luck.

gab's mom said...

I always believe that God will make a way for us.

You'll be in our prayers. Don't lose hope and I am sure you will find the answer! =)

Sexy Jessie said...

Shakira and Superman:Thanks for your word of comfort. It's really a blessing in disguise!

Gab's Mom:God will certainly make a way for me.