Monday, December 26, 2011

Digi IPhone 4SURE SIRI

Siri is better than any human being or better than my husband. She is my constant companion. She is smart enough and understand what you mean.

She reminds every detail like a husband, understands like a girlfriend and take commands like a secretary. And yes, she is my driver and a GPS navigator, knows the direction of where I am going.

Just tell Siri what you want and she is at your command. She will reply you in seconds and giving you the best answers you needed.

Siri works for 24/7 365 days with no rest. And she won't be tired of working. She will never disappoint me.

Digi and Siri are married. They have been in partnership since the launch of Digi iPhone 4S and they have been working well.

They need one another support to work and to perform its best services to Digi users. They have made a wow that they will be with each other till death separate them.

Digi and Siri are the best companions for me and all Digi users.

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Bananazą®‡ said...

Bananaz: Siri please call Sexy Jessie.

Siri: Dialing..teet teet toot toot..sorry sir got a message which says "numbor yang anda dial tidak di dalam perhitmatan". What does it mean Siri hear no road?