Friday, December 16, 2011

Click, click away....

Today, I received an email siting from Nuffnang, that they are having a competition on the '"Tak Nak" anti smoking campaign. All that we need to do is to snap a picture on the campaign mentioned and post it on your blog as an update.

Once you have published the post, submit it with the permalink attached. Ta-da, and your competition is running. The grand price is RM1000 and the deadline is on the boxing day after Christmas.

I will join this competition and I have only 10 days to go. I am going to snap fast!

I have not logged in my Nuffnang account since long and I was checking my earnings. It's only RM4.38. These earnings are based on the ads placed in my blogs since April 2011. And it's also based on the number of clicks that my visitors clicked when they visit my blog.

So, please bloggers and friends out there, I need you to click a few when you are over here and so I will promise to do in return.

Ps. Click away on the advertisment placed, please!


suituapui said...

Aiyor...breakfast for one person also not enough, so kesian. LOL!!!

sexyjessie said...

STP:RM4.38 for bread and coffee should be enuff, lol.

chubskulit said...

JUst wishing you a merry Christmass Jessie!