Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lonely? Looking for love?

Are you lonely? Looking for love? This cries out to all the women out there. Im not running a lonely hearts website here, lol..

Many young working adults especially females have been fooled into these so called internet or social networking where they can be friend to anyone.

My sister's colleague, his niece went missing in India 3 weeks ago. His niece told her mom that she's going to India on a job assignment, purportedly of meeting her boyfriend.

She met her boyfriend through FaceBook, they chatted and fell in love. The sweet caress, the phone calls and the special attention given by the guy made her fell in love instantly.

The guy came and met with her family but her mom, sensing something was wrong, did not like him. And she was asked to stop all contacts with the guy. The guy somehow manipulated her and she ended up going to India on the pretence of work assignments, instead she went and meet him.

Her mother managed to call up her daughter's employee about her whereabouts and the company denied that they sent her daughter for work assignments in India.

Calls made to her daughter's and her boyfriend's mobile phone was unreachable.

The last resort is that my sister's colleague and his sister in law went to India embassy in KL to launch a report on missing person, hoping that the Indian authorities will help them.

The shocking news that they are told that many women who gone missing are working professional.

I was lured into these scamming world. They really give me the attention I wanted, they profess their undying love instantly. Yes, I do flirt with them, they gave me a very high and secure feeling. I could have just fallen for all of them.

It's still bearable when money are being conned, but it's heart breaking when these innocent women are conned and reported missing. Yet, it's a horror end when they are being lured into prostitution ring.


suituapui said...

I really wonder why or how people can be so gullible...

eugene said...

Suituapui or suituapui, in this place call earth, we have our feelings, emotions, lust, love to be fulfilled, some smart alec know that and they manipulate along that void one has.

kalau the scam can fill the void, viola, jatuh jahanam lah.

so man and ladies be careful, have god and have faith in Him, for He alone can satisfy all our needs,,he knows us before we knew ourselves,,

sriyany said...

That's really sad to hear. I hope they somehow manage to locate her.

It's sick to hear about con men lurking about social networking sites just to prey on unsuspecting victims.

sexyjessie said...

STP:Ha ha, Eugene have answered your question.

sexyjessie said...

Eugene:Mostly these men and women are vulnerable enough, they let their emotions went up to their head.

Sriyani:Hopefully so, but India is so vast and with the numbers of missing is high, chances to locate them are very slim.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Hi Jessie great meeting you, sorry we didnt talk much due to the 'distance' and noise. Not to worry Bananaz got clean record very kwai one..muahaha.

Cas said...

OMG so scary to read,hope no one would have to go through that. Exercise caution girls! Dont fall for sweet nothings