Monday, December 24, 2012

The greatest is HOPE

This year Christmas I am much lonely as my dear have travelled out of the country and left me alone for this season.  I am trying to keep myself occupied with the time I spent with him ending up chatting with my gal friend who have lost touch for a year now.

I asked her the about her study and her relationship. She has one more semester to complete and she's planning to further her degree with the local university.

She went further that she broke off the relationship with her boyfriend.  As far as I know about her, she's a very good girl and she's a wife's material.  She wouldn't choose a boyfriend that would jeopardise the relationship.  I couldn't see any reason why there must be a breakup.

She told me the reason she breaks off is because of her family.  Her grandmother went to a soothsayer and asked her about their future.  The soothsayer said that if they are to be married, her boyfriend will pass away early leaving her to be a young widow.

Of course, her family believed the soothsayer rather than believing their daughter's choice.  She has no choice but to take her family's decision.  Her family has destroyed her happiness.

Because of their undying love they have for each other, the relationship is not broken.  They are meeting in secret, hoping that their love will be accepted by her parents.

She's giving herself HOPE for 5 years.  Her final decision is that she will get married to her boyfriend even though her family still rejects them.

Ps.  We are living in the 21st century yet there are certain mindset of people will not be changed because of their old strange and traditional beliefs they lived up to.  It's so sad.

Pss. All HOPE and not lost, for you, my dearest friend.


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