Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm 38!

On this particular day, I walked into the office and I thought that I will receive some wishes. I sat down and I received a phone call telling me to go over to the other new building of my office, as my colleague was crying.

I left everything down and went over. And as I approached the place, I saw there were smiles everywhere and shout of "Happy Birthday", joined in with the song. It was my birthday this day 21.11.11!

My colleagues gave me a surprise!!! And Im proud to say that I am 38!

Later, I was treated lunch by them. Truly, I enjoyed this special day.

Ps. Sorry, this post is nine days late.
Pss. I wanted to post it on last Saturday, but there was something wrong with Google.


アンゼエリン said...

Happy Sweet 38th Birthday Jess!

sexyjessie said...

AngelineBK:Thank for the belated wishes, dear.

Bananazஇ said...

Happy belated birthday one year wiser..~;).

suituapui said...

Happy Birthday! Bet you had a great day...and hope you'll have an awesome year ahead. Cheers!!!

P.S. So young... I'll be 59!

reanaclaire said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jessie!! Mine is on 24th...so we are november babies.. :)

Cas said...

Wow Jessie, you had a blast and you REALLY dont look 38 at all. Look so young. What's your secret?

sexyjessie said...

Bananaz:Tks dear...Yeap, Im one year wiser. :P

STP:Tks...aiyah 59 onli mah...u r enjoying fully yr life now with travel n food.

sexyjessie said...

Renaclaire:Yes...our bday only a few days apart...maybe we cud celebrate together next year.

Cas:Tks, dear....hmmmmm,what's my secret? I will tell u soon. :P