Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is government health care up to the par?

My security guard told me that his granddaughter was admitted in a hospital for an appendicitis removal.

At the first instance, when his granddaughter was down with fever, she was sent to the Penang general hospital for a check up. She was only given some anti-biotics and was sent home. And during the next 2 days, her temperature was going up and down.

She went back again to the hospital and she was admitted. She was in a great pain and at that moment, her particulars were taken down. They could not administered the diagnosis as she was attended by medical internships.

When my security guard saw the slacked of the medical services, he immediately discharged her from the hospital. She was taken to one of the private hospitals.

She was immediately given medical attention and when the nurses saw her condition, they knew she was having an appendicitis. After doing a CT scan, they found out her appendicitis has burst.

The next day, she was operated for 3 hours. Had it not being for the fast services from the private hospital, she would have died.

I have heard and read many complaints of general health care that given to the public. There are long queue to have diagnosis from the specialist, even major operations needed to wait for months.

The government still have lots to do and to improve its public health care system for those who are earning below average.

Ps. Do you think that the public health care have improved?


suituapui said...

Have to understand their situation - they're very under-staffed and overworked...and they have so much work to do - other than the health and medical care. Like the teachers in the schools, all the rubbish - documentation and all that useless shit - all key in online and then have to print out so many copies for failing here there ans everywhere. They're doctors and nurses - not clerks. In this aspect, blame the stupid idiots in the ministry.

Then there's also the general public. It is really bad here in Sibu because the people (sad to say, the Chinese mainly - anyway, Sibu is 90% Chinese) are very fussy, very demanding and very very stingy - so stingy that even though they are rich, they would not pay to go to the medical centres. We have some good ones in town.

Always very quick to complain and criticise...and very very few will ever show any appreciation even when it meant saving a life of a family member.

I think the hospital staff here are not only over-exhausted, all worn out...but also very demoralised. Would help ease their burden a bit to be a bit more understanding and not criticise...criticise...ciriticise. So sad that this is what most people do - the UGLY Malaysian culture!

chubskulit said...

That's government agencies for ya.

sexyjessie said...

STP:Wow, I understand of how you feel, cause you were in the government sector before and you knew the good and bad thing of it.

Don't you agree with the escalating medical costs, that prevent the Chinese seeking medical services from the private hospitals?

And most of the good doctors have left their services to go to the private hospitals.

sexyjessie said...

Chubs:Is it the government is as the same over there in Phillipines?

suituapui said...

I'm wary of private hospitals and their doctors... They do all sorts of things just to squeeze money out of you. The doctors there - no ethics whatsoever.

But public hospitals - crowded, overworked doctors and nurses...uncomfortable - not like 5-star hotel...but if no money, what to do? Just bear with it and pray lor!