Saturday, July 16, 2011

MIA-Been 3 weeks...

Gosh, it's nearly 3 weeks I've been missing. Missing writing blogs and updating you, guys. And yes, I was so busy for the last week. Sorry, my friends.

Gone were the days, I was full of excitement and have ample of time updating my blogs. As usual, I was busy with work. Even before I stepped into the office, there will be students waiting for me.

So was after lunch the same. Even before I can let my buttock rest on the seat, students are waiting for me. What are they waiting for, you wonder? Hmmmmmm, they are waiting to pay their semester fees.

TGIS-Thank God It's Sat! Today, I managed to update and be back. :)

For the rest of my time, I will spent it with my boyfriend. Weekends, we are always together. Movies, beaches, church and even clubbing sometimes.

I loved my life now, devoted to work and my love. And always looking on to weekends.

Ps. If I'm missing from the blogging work again, just hold on. I will be back but not too soon, though. It's a Sat, enjoy your week!

Pss. I will still leave comments on your blogs. No worries. :)


reanaclaire said...

Happy Weekend!! enjoy!!

suituapui said... busy phak tho...(dating). LOL!!!

eugene said...

don't MIA for too long ya, miss you here in blog,,,,,,,

アンゼエリン said...

Miss you Jessie...and welcome bec in blog.

sexyjessie said...

Claire:Yup, the weekend is around the corner. Happy weekend to you too.

sexyjessie said...

STP:Yalor, busy pak thoinnng...away also. :)

Eugene:Whew...another week have gone by. Sure, I wont be long MIA.

sexyjessie said...

Angeline:Tks. :)

Cas said...

Hey Jes, hope all is good on your end. Look forward to an update :)