Monday, December 24, 2012

The greatest is HOPE

This year Christmas I am much lonely as my dear have travelled out of the country and left me alone for this season.  I am trying to keep myself occupied with the time I spent with him ending up chatting with my gal friend who have lost touch for a year now.

I asked her the about her study and her relationship. She has one more semester to complete and she's planning to further her degree with the local university.

She went further that she broke off the relationship with her boyfriend.  As far as I know about her, she's a very good girl and she's a wife's material.  She wouldn't choose a boyfriend that would jeopardise the relationship.  I couldn't see any reason why there must be a breakup.

She told me the reason she breaks off is because of her family.  Her grandmother went to a soothsayer and asked her about their future.  The soothsayer said that if they are to be married, her boyfriend will pass away early leaving her to be a young widow.

Of course, her family believed the soothsayer rather than believing their daughter's choice.  She has no choice but to take her family's decision.  Her family has destroyed her happiness.

Because of their undying love they have for each other, the relationship is not broken.  They are meeting in secret, hoping that their love will be accepted by her parents.

She's giving herself HOPE for 5 years.  Her final decision is that she will get married to her boyfriend even though her family still rejects them.

Ps.  We are living in the 21st century yet there are certain mindset of people will not be changed because of their old strange and traditional beliefs they lived up to.  It's so sad.

Pss. All HOPE and not lost, for you, my dearest friend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Year Older Today

I am back, folks after 2 months away.  It's been that long, or has it and still surprisingly my fingers are not stiff.

I remembered those good old days when I was young celebrating my birthdays especially my first one.  There was a BIG CAKE and lots of food, food and food.  And balloons were everywhere in sight.  Lots of pressies too.  Of course, couple with birthday song, those time were priceless!

I celebrated lots of birthdays until I was twelve and it stopped there.  Maybe my parents find it was not a necessary for a big celebration and neither I was bother about it.

And every year as my birthday approaches, I am getting older, of course.  Thinking back,  I have lived all my good years until now.  Success, failures, love, hatred, rich, poor, sickness and health, I was there and went through all these.  And with God's grace, I am still continuing the journey.

Still with all the good years had gone by, I looked young always.  You can be deceived by my look.  I received lesser gifts or none at all as I grow older, but I do received lots of wishes. 

It will be a normal birthday for me as I will be at work.  My new colleagues doesn't know of my birthday but wishes from you guys will be much appreciated.

Ps.  Can someone get me a blueberry cheese cake?  It's my BIRTHDAY! ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sowing their wild oats

When men have their liabilities sowing their wild oats, they are considered studs.   But when it comes to women, they are labeled sluts.

Men are satisfied and considered themselves proud when they have bedded as many women in their lifetime.  And they will jump at any chance to do it. 

But, when it comes to women, is a big no no.  They have to be faithful to their only partner.  Why men can't stay faithful like the women? 

Must they bed all the women they meet?

Yet,  some women are conspicuous.  They are sleeping with many men as possible.  They are the one who gave men opportunities to sleep with them.

In this case, I blamed the women.  I'm calling them sluts.  But then again, you can't clap with a hand.  You need both hands to do that. 

But then again......the men can say no.....but then again....luring and temptation are trapped mostly.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A stubborn and senseless man

I was driving back to my apartment after having my Sunday lunch and I just couldn't move.  There were a few cars in front of me and it was normal to have a little jam,  200 metres away from the entrance of my apartment.

As I was waiting for the cars to move, I heard horn blarring and a man scolding away in Hokkien, "Lu tah teow e a kong xi wa car xi jior.  (Translated in English, "You are blocking the road, now you are telling me that I am wrong...u are the one who's wrong.")

He was large built, in his 40s and he was driving a MPW vehicle.   Seconds, after blasting his horn and cursing in Hokkien, he came out and gave a hard kick at the person's vehicle.

Of course, he did managed to pass through, leaving his footprint at the person's vehicle.  Traffic was clear and I drove through, I saw the person the man was scolding to.

Do you want to know the person?  She's an old lady in her 70s.  She was still in her old Morris Minor much to her oblivious the man was scolding her.  The man left a big dent at the back of her vehicle!

The man somehow managed to go through the alley. 

I don't understand at all why this man want to create unnesccary situation like this.  There's another road he can use but he choose not to do it.  He just wants to put people life into misery.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Should I Leave?

A quick one....because I am getting sleepy now.  Lately, I'm so busy with my work that I can't even manage to update my blogs.  Sorry, folks!

The only time I can be online is at night.  FB, checking email and reading articles over the net.  And when the time is approaching, my eyes will become heavy. 

That time, my brain just stopped working.  Not working = no blog.  I somehow managed to visit some of your site. 

I am thinking to leave the blogger scence. Even now, I don't have the slightest idea of what to pen down.

Ps. Do you think that I should leave the blogger scence? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fucking sick family

I was picking up the The Sun paper today and saw the headlines, "Deadly Ritual" and underneath the small title; Three year old suffocates to death during exorcism.

I was horrified as I continued reading, I was shocked.  It involves a toddler and the whole entire family.  They suffocated her to death by pinning their huge bodies on top of the little girl.

How could the whole family is doing this?  Killing their own daughter?  Hoping that the evil spirits will leave them?

This family is really a fool and ignorant.  I do not know where they gathered this stupid idea or they heed any foolish monk's advice. 

Now the exorcism was not completed resulting a sweet toddler demise making the whole family landing in jail waiting for their crime to be sentenced.

RIP, sweet young thing. 

For the whole story, please click on to the

Ps.  How could these people are so ignorant?!  What sentence they should be punished for?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can't Think Straight Now.........

It's been my third day now into my new job.  So many things to learn especially their new system.  Even just to prepare 6 reminder letters to students take me a day and continue the next midday.  The content of the letters I have to be very sure and get my boss to read it before the final printing. 

My 3 days I was here filled me to the max.

And I am sure that I can steal a little of the time off, just to forget my work and relax.  To be online.  When I was opening a few browsers together, YM, FB and Hotmail, the server was so slow until FB was hung. Try rebooting it but still FB was there.  Alternatively, I switched off the main switch.

And ta da, the screen was back to normal.   But the server was disconnecting many times.  I gave up. Logged out.  Went back to work.

So, the only time I can be online now is at home.  As I am typing away, my eyes just shutting down.  It's 11pm and it's time to hit the sack.  Least not that I will continue to typeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Gud nite...folks!

Ps. Damn! I even can't think of my post title.